10 Actors Who Starred in Music Videos

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10 Actors Who Starred in Music Videos

10 Actors Who Starred in Music Videos

You’ve seen them in movies, you’ve seen them on television, but what about on your favorite artist’s track? Check out which of your favorite actors have starred in music videos!

1. Dianna Agron “I’m Not the Only One” -Sam Smith

Dianna has plenty experience playing a crazed girlfriend what with her role as Quinn on Glee. And an added plus, this music video appearance scored her a friendship with the ever talented Sam Smith.

2. Dave Franco and Emma Roberts “Go Outside” -Cults

Emma Roberts makes us jealous of her love interest once again as she plays a TV beauty brought to life by none other than Dave Franco in this interesting music video.


3. Miley Cyrus “The Big Bang” -Rock Mafia

Still fresh from her Disney Channel days, in this music video Miley plays a mysterious brunette that’s always one step out of reach.

4. Zac Efron “Say Okay” -Vanessa Hudgens

Oh the Zanessa feels. In their prime High School Musical days, Zac caused relationship rumors when he starred in one of Vanessa’s debut music videos.

5. Alyson Stoner “Just Lose It” -Eminem

Before she rocked out in Camp Rock, Alyson Stoner was a child prodigy on the dance floor. Not only did she break out in this music video, but she has also appeared in several Missy Elliot videos.

6. Ben Affleck “Jenny from the Block” -Jennifer Lopez

Talk about another music video couple, the two who invented the term power couple. None other than Bennifer in this classic J-Lo hit.

7. Scarlett Johansson “What Goes Around…Comes Around” -Justin Timberlake

There is nothing sassier than a breakup song by Justin Timberlake featuring the beautiful Scarlett Johansson as his female lead.

8. Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier “(You Drive Me) Crazy” – Britney Spears

Since the two starred in the movie of the same name (Drive Me Crazy) it was only fitting that they would also star in Britney’s pop classic music video.

9. Christina Applegate, Christina Milian, and Eva Longoria “A Public Affair” -Jessica Simpson

Jessica’s got a lot of A-List friends, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from this blonde bombshell.

10. Shia LaBeouf “Elastic Heart” -Sia

Once again, Shia LaBeouf is stirring up controversy as he takes on Dance Mom‘s Maddie Ziegler in this interpretive dance music video.

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