11 Stars That Puberty Was Kind To

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11 Stars That Puberty Was Kind To

11 Stars That Puberty Was Kind To

Some of us hit puberty and have a rough go of it. Some of the cutest little kids grow up to be…less than cute. But here are 11 stars who sailed through puberty with flying colors and gave hope to all the little boys and girls that they could grow up to be utterly gorgeous.

1. Matthew Lewis

The Harry Potter star started out the embodiment of shy, awkward Neville and turned into…well something else entirely.

2. Josh Peck

Known for his role in Drake and Josh, the young star outgrew his Nickelodeon days in style.

3. Josh Hutcherson

The star of The Hunger Games is a fan favorite, and his transformation from cute kiddo to utterly gorgeous is a clear example of the kind hand of puberty.

4. Nicholas Hoult

As a kid, we knew him in About A Boy, and now we know him as jaw droppingly hot.

5. Mario Lopez

No one would ever have suspected when he was on Saved by the Bell that Mr. Lopez would be a heartbreaker. Time proved us all wrong.

6. Melissa Joan Hart

Our favorite teenage witch (and wearer of horrific 90s fashion) grew into a lovely lady.

7. George Clooney

Most of us have no words for this particular transformation.

8. Emma Watson

The brightest witch her age was utterly adorable and then puberty came along and flipped a switch to leave her utterly stunning.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Sure, Lohan might have done some squandering of the gifts that nature gave her, but there’s no denying that she turned into an unexpectedly gorgeous woman when we still all thought of her as the cute twins from The Parent Trap.

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As a kid, he definitely needed a haircut. But once he got one, we were all glad we didn’t give up on him.

11. Kristen Stewart

You may not have known that K Stew was in movies as a kid, but she’s been acting since she was 10. There might be a reason she got her big break post puberty.


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