17 Surprises Hidden On Everyday Websites

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17 Surprises Hidden On Everyday Websites

17 Surprises Hidden On Everyday Websites

Easter Eggs are pretty awesome, aren’t they? Everybody loves a good old Easter Egg every now and then. No, I’m not talking about the ones that turn your hands every color of the rainbow when you’re trying to re-create that one Pin you saw weeks ago. We’re talking about the tiny little hidden gems that are found in some of the most popular websites on the net today. You know, those little things you find when you hit the keystrokes just right, or input a specific search term. It’s like Christmas, guys! I found one, I found one! Here are the best of the best of Easter Eggs on some of your favorite websites!

1. Buzzfeed

Do you like sloths? Everybody likes sloths these days! You’d have to be living under a rock not to realize that sloths are the new honey badgers! Buzzfeed has cashed in on this fun internet trend and have turned every single item on their website into sloths, from their photos, right down to their articles. But in order to see it, you have to input the infamous Konami code of up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right B A, using your arrow keys. Go ahead, check it out, we know you want to.

2. Google

Google.com, the search engine choice of almost everyone in the world have hidden a ton of Easter Eggs within their website. If you’re lacking something to do at work, head on over to the search engine and type in “Atari Breakout,” and enjoy the game. Need entertainment? Search for “Do a barrel roll.” Oh, but that’s not all. Maybe you want to inject a little awesomeness into your searches? What language would you like to search in? How about the Muppet’s Swedish Chef, Hacker, Klingon, Pig Latin, or Elmer Fudd, perhaps?

3. WordPress

Chances are, if you’ve read through WordPress’ Terms of Service agreement, then you have likely found this hidden Easter Egg. Automattic knows people don’t like reading lengthy legalese. So, they decided to put a little treat into their ToS for those who have actually taken the time out of their day to read the entire thing. We’re not going to spoil it for you here, but if you’d like to check it out for yourself, click here.

4. Youtube

Surely you’ll remember the Harlem Shake? The dance craze that swept up the entire nation for the better part of 2013. Youtube remembers, oh, how they remember. If you need a reminder of what that magical dance was all about, why don’t you head over to Youtube and search “Do The Harlem Shake?” Word of warning, though. If you’re at work, you might want to mute your speakers. Alternatively, you can also type in the phrases “Beam me up, Scotty,” and “Use the force, Luke.” Go ahead and try it, you know you want to.

5. Black Acre Brewing

Black Acre Brewing, an Indianapolis based brewery has hidden a very special treat on their website for their underage visitors. When you first log on to their website, you are greeted with a screen prompting you to choose whether or not you are of legal age to enter their website. If the “I am under 21” box is chosen, well, you’re greeted with quite a sight. Go check it out!

6. SoundClick

Not only is SoundClick the home of some of the greatest independent and up-and-coming musicians out there, but they have also hidden a tasty little morsel on their website. To view it, you’ll have to enter the Konami code once more. But once you do, enjoy the treat that permeates your screen. Click around to make it disappear!

7. Shirtoid

Who doesn’t love tee-shirts? We all have a collection of them in our closet. They’re comfortable, fashion forward, what more could anyone want? Next time you’re browsing the collection of tee shirts offered on Shirtoid.com, enter the Konami code and watch what happens!

8. Kickstarter

Did you know that the popular crowd-funding website possesses a super-secret newsletter? In order to access the sign-up form, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, and click on the tiny pair of scissors near the footer of the page. Do this two more times and you will unlock it!

9. Skybet

If you’ve been keeping score and placing bets while you’re at work, you’re in luck. Never get caught by your boss again when you use Skybet! Simply locate the websites social media buttons on the right-hand side of the page. Click the little man icon and boom! You instantly look like you’re hard at work on those spreadsheets!

10. Spinal Tap’s IMDB

If you’re familiar with musical amplifiers, than you’ll know that they go up to 10. But in the infamous movie This Is Spinal Tap, their amps went to 11. As an homage to the classic film, IMDB.com has given users the ability to rate the film on a scale of one to eleven, instead of ten.

11. KitKat

Not entirely an Easter Egg, but more of a hidden surprise, Kitkat’s website features a little treat within their website’s source code. To find it, use your mouse to right click and choose the “Inspect Element” option. Alternatively, if you do the same thing on TheOatmeal.com, you’ll find a friend from the distant past.

12. Wikipedia

It’s egg-ceptional! Wikipedia’s page on Easter Eggs features one within itself! See the picture of the rabbits? Okay, good. Locate the hedgehog in the lower right corner of the photo. Click on it and check out what pops up!

13. Book of Mozilla

Now, Mozilla knows how to hide an egg or two. The company behind the popular Firefox web browser shares their story about the company in Book of Revelation-style. It can be located within your browser by inputting about:mozilla.

14. Google Maps

Perhaps you want to learn how long it will take to get from The Shire to Mordor. Who doesn’t, really? But Google Maps does not simply give you the walking directions to get there. Oh, no. It gives you a rather appropriate response with a quote from the Lord of the Rings movie.

15. Wistia

Quite possibly the best hidden gem of them all, if you visit Wistia’s about page and type in the word dance, well, we won’t tell you. You’ll have to experience the pure joy of this one all for yourself.

16. MailChimp

They’re onto us! When you visit the sign-up page on MailChimp and enter a username that is already in use, you will get a special message from the “bodyguard team” at MailChimp. It seems you may have a doppelganger running around!

17. Picasa

If you’re bored, check out Google’s Picasa. Don’t feel like editing a photo? That’s okay. Using your keyboard enter “ctrl + shift + y.” Now that’s a lot of teddy bears.

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