6 Defunct Amusement Parks

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6 Defunct Amusement Parks

6 Defunct Amusement Parks

When amusement parks are open and thriving, they are amazing locales where memories are made. When they are shuttered, they become eerie and haunting. Here are six amusement parks that shut their doors after entertaining families for years.

Fairyland Park


From 1923 to 1977, Fairyland Park operated in Kansas City, Missouri. At the peak of its popularity, it boasted three roller coasters, a ferris wheel, a swimming pool, bumper cars and several other attractions. When nearby Worlds of Fun opened, attendance at Fairyland Park started to dwindle, and after a storm damaged the park, it finally shut its doors for good.

Six Flags New Orleans


Six Flags New Orleans was one of several Six Flags locations around the U.S. It had operated initially as Jazzland, but was upgraded and renamed in 2003. When Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in 2005, the park closed and never reopened. The abandoned park rests in disarray to this day, with its future uncertain.

Joyland Amusement Park


For 55 years, Joyland Amusement Park thrilled the residents of Wichita, Kansas with a roller coaster and over two dozen other rides. It closed in 2004 amid safety and financial concerns, and remains in a state of disrepair as locals hope to someday restore it.

Krug Park


Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Krug Park was the site of one of the worst roller coaster accidents in history. In 1930, the park’s Big Dipper roller coaster crashed after a bolt worked itself loose and four cars plummeted to the ground. Four people were killed and 17 were injured, and although the park stayed open for another decade, business declined until the park was closed in 1940.

Six Flags AstroWorld


Near Houston, Texas, Six Flags AstroWorld sat on 57 acres and entertained thousands over the course of 37 years. The park was closed in 2005 due to several factors, which included parking issues involving the Houston Texans football team. The park was demolished and is now used as overflow parking for the Reliant sports complex.

Opryland USA


Located in suburban Nashville, Tennessee, Opryland USA featured not only traditional amusement park attractions such as roller coasters, but a variety of musical shows as well. It was hampered, however, by its inability to grow beyond the original borders of the park as it was blocked in by a river and a highway. It was eventually closed and its main attractions were sold to other parks throughout the country.

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