6 Human Lives Saved by iPhones

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6 Human Lives Saved by iPhones

6 Human Lives Saved by iPhones

iPhones do more than make people seem busy, now they can make people feel safe. Amongst other things, the smartphones have single-handedly revolutionized the world since their release in 2007.

To add to their global notoriety of total supremacy, iPhones began acting like guardian angels. The following six people made history when their iPhones saved their lives.

January 2010 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dan Woolley was one of the fortunate survivors of the tragic earthquake on the top of the year 2010, and deems his iPhone a savior. Using a first aid App from the American Heart Association, Dan was able to properly treat his life-threatening wounds as he was trapped in the ruins of his hotel. Dan also set his phone alarm to ring every twenty minutes to stay awake and not fall into shock. More than 60 hours later, he was saved, and today enjoys his home with his wife and sons.


January 2013 – In Amenas, Algeria

The In Amenas hostage crisis held over 800 total people captive in the Tigantourine gas facilities in In Amenas, Algeria. Romanian gas worker Liviu Floria and seven of his colleagues found themselves in the middle of a terrorist attack that they planned to escape. After reluctantly jumping the six foot protective fence, the petrified group of workers used Floria’s iPhone compass app to find safety and navigate through their 24+ hour trek across the barren land. All eight hostages escaped successfully.


February 2014 – Rotterdam, Netherlands 

dutchHalf bullet-proof vest, half cell phone. 49 year-old luckiest man alive was shielded from a bullet by the iPhone tucked warmly in his breast pocket. Caught in a crossfire, the anonymous survivor was shot five times, the fifth bullet was stopped by the phone after the first four completely missed him.



March 2014 – Afghanistan 

Sgt. Sean Frank  faced the harshest ever-present reality in war: death. When a teenage suicide bomber triggered in his presence, Frank was hit in close range. The projecting shrapnel sliced his thumb, hands, fingers, and legs, but the iPhone in his pocket took much of the lethal metal that shot his way. Frank was told the phone protected major arteries in his leg ,saving his life.


May 2014 – Zanesville, Ohio

Marine veteran Terry McGlade is both a hero and a victim of PTSD. Terry’s seizures are a result of his condition that developed after being hit by a roadside bomb on a tour in Afghanistan. Last May when Terry had a seizure, his trained rescue dog Major did what anyone would do, he called 911. Major took Terry’s iPhone out of his pocket and pawed at it until the emergency feature called the police, over ten times. The pup waited for help in the front lawn and led the medics to his owner.


October 2014 – San Jose, California 

28 year-old car crash victim Melissa Vasquez was found 500 feet down a ravine after 17 hours thanks to her Find my iPhone app. Officers had already been searching for a crashed car before Melissa was reported missing. After much investigation of both to no avail, Ofc. Dave Cameron resorted to Melissa’s Find my Iphone from her home, to which he miraculously figured out her password and successfully located her.






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