9 Famous People Who Were Once In NBC Pages

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9 Famous People Who Were Once In NBC Pages

9 Famous People Who Were Once In NBC Pages


The NBC Page Program is one way to break into television entertainment, either in front of the camera or behind the scenes. It’s a one-year program where people learn everything about how to work and run NBC. It’s a very elite program that has turned out a few notable people in entertainment. Here are 9 famous people who were once NBC Pages.

    1. Michael Eisner. During the early 60s, Michael Eisner spent the summer in the NBC Page Program before he graduated college. He would later become the CEO of the Walt Disney Company during the 80s.


    1. Aubrey Plaza. In 2006, Aubrey Plaza was an NBC Page before she was famous. She actually played an NBC Page on 30 Rock in a very brief scene.
    1. Bob Keeshan. In 1927, Bob Keeshan got his start in show business. He later became Captain Kangaroo.


    1. Steve Allen. He was an NBC Page before he started his own TV show on the network in the mid-50s. The Steve Allen Show was one of the most popular TV talk shows and variety shows on the peacock network at the time.


    1. Ted Koppel. Before he started his job on ABC News in the late 60s, Ted Koppel started his career as an NBC Page. He made the move back to NBC in 2005.


    1. Willard Scott. He got his start in show business as a page at an NBC affiliate WRC in Washington D.C. during the early 50s. Willard Scott also became the first Ronald McDonald in the early 60s.


    1. Trevor Moore. During his last year in college, The Whitest Kids U Know’s Trevor Moore did an internship with Saturday Night Live and later as an NBC Page.


    1. Regis Philbin. He got his start in show business as an NBC Page on The Tonight Show with Steve Allen.


    1. Eva Marie Saint. She was an NBC page during the early 40s before she broke into television. She later won an Emmy for Best Actress In A Single Performance on The Philco Television Playhouse. Eva Marie Saint is also known as the co-lead in Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest.


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