9 Oddly Specific Subscription Boxes

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9 Oddly Specific Subscription Boxes

9 Oddly Specific Subscription Boxes

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in the middle of nowhere, you know that subscription boxes have become all the rage as of lately. Offering everything from cosmetics and beauty items, to school supplies and zombie survival gear, there is truly a box out there filled with something for everyone. From the weird and wacky to the utterly useful, these are the top nine oddly specific subscription boxes. You never know, perhaps you may even find your new subscription addiction here.


1. Mystery Box

If you’re a fan of the offbeat and love surprises, then this box is definitely one for you. Mystery Box offers their subscribers some rather unique treasures. Each box is filled with ten random items from a storage unit. For a mere $49, you will receive ten items that are guaranteed to be worth more than you pay for your box. Customers can choose from three options; for him, for her, and unisex, and each and every single box will never be the same, everyone will always get something different, thus the mystery in these magical boxes.


2. Doggie Lawn

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that there was a way to get a place for your dog to do their business delivered to you each month, then you’re in luck. Doggie Lawn is a monthly subscription service that offers customers real-grass potty patches for both large and small breed dogs, with the option to deliver monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. But what if you walk your dog often and find yourself with a shortage of bags to pick up your dog’s “business?” There’s a solution for that, too. Poop Bag Club will send bags right to your doorstep each and every month, so you’ll never get caught without them again.


3. Dollar Rubber Club

You’ve probably heard about Dollar Shave Club by now. For a few dollars a month, you’ll receive fresh razors and blades. It’s a great business model, really. One company is capitalizing off of that model rather intelligently. The Dollar Rubber Club sends you condoms each month. It makes purchasing them completely effortless, and the best part is, you’ll never forget to buy them again. They care so much about protection, that they even send you a snarky bar coaster along with each new box every month!


4. Apocabox

They say that “It’s better to be safe, than sorry,” and it’s true. Natural disasters, zombie apocalypses, medical emergencies and other calamities can occur at any time, and it can be harrowing trying to scrounge everything together when something like that happens. Should a catastrophe occur, you can be prepared for it. Apocabox is a bi-monthly subscription service that will send you a variety of survivalist gear, from fishing and hunting items, bows and fire kindling, to food items like beef jerky and protein packs. Alternatively, there is also the SEREBOX, which sends you items each month to help you Store, Equip, Rescue and Escape, thus the name.


5. Kawaii Box

If you’re a lover of all things adorable, then this is the subscription box for you. Each month, Kawaii Box sends their subscribers a box jam-packed with items that are out-of-this-world cute. With most of their products hailing from Japan, you’re receiving a truly authentic box of Kawaii-themed items. If nothing else, this box will certainly spread plenty of cheer wherever it goes!


6. Bacon Every Month Club

Who can resist the sizzle, crackle and pop of bacon cooking on the stovetop? What about that delicious first crunch into a piece of perfectly cooked bacon? Simply put, bacon is one of the most delicious foods on earth. But there’s always that pesky problem of running out of it, and then having to go all the way down to the grocery store to get more. But with a subscription to Bacon Every Month Club, you’ll always have a steady supply of the perfect pork treat.


7. Anime Bento

There’s nothing quite like curling up under a blanket on a cold day with a cup of green tea and some Pocky, and watching your favorite anime, or manga, if you prefer to read. Get all of your favorite goodies delivered right to your doorstep with Anime Bento – filled with yummy snacks, collectible figures and licensed accessories from your favorite shows! Alternatively, Betoyo Bento offers a subscription box filled with anime and Kawaii themed items, and OtakuCrate is for the most dedicated Otakus, filled with 1-2 figures, a cosplay accessory, 1 manga and 1 anime, a snack, and more!


8. Skandicrush

If you get the urge to redecorate your home and find yourself at a loss of where to find the best Scandinavian housewares, look no further than Skandicrush. Boasting everything from kitchen wares to first aid kits, each box has something different in it that will add a uniquely Scandinavian touch to your home. Problem solved.


9. Moss Of The Month Club

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re a lichen-lover, then why not subscribe to Etsy shop owner Teresa Kessler’s Moss Of The Month Club? Each month you’ll receive a sandwich bag full of live mosses and lichens, as well as other moss-related items like terrariums and rocks. What more could you ask for?

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