Charlie Brown and More: Fun Facts About Wes Anderson Films

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Charlie Brown and More: Fun Facts About Wes Anderson Films

Charlie Brown and More: Fun Facts About Wes Anderson Films

Wes Anderson is well known for his whimsy and eccentricity, and the stories behind his films hold true to his reputation. Check out these fun facts about the man and the movies.

1. Bill Murray has been in every single Anderson film except for the very first, Bottle Rocket. Anderson’s second film, Rushmore, was strapped for cash, and Murray took the part at a cost of merely $9000. He even out of pocket paid for the helicopter scene, which came at the tune of $25,000 when Disney wouldn’t foot the bill.

2. Owen Wilson was a co-writer for Bottle Rocket, and originally didn’t plan to act in it at all, but when it was a box office flop Wilson began to think that he wouldn’t make it in show biz and should join the Marines instead.

3. During the recording for the voice work in The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Anderson had his actors work in the woods, barns, horse trailers, and a motorbike to increase authenticity.

4. The Darjeeling Limited was dedicated to Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray, and for those who keep a careful eye out you can see his portrait while the three main characters are riding The Bengal Lancer.

5. In Moonrise Kingdom, Mrs. Bishop uses a bullhorn to call her kids. It turns out that this was an actual story from co-writer Roman Coppala’s childhood.

6. There were 535 puppets involved in making The Fantastic Mr. Fox, with 102 alone for Mr. Fox. His wardrobe was modeled after Anderon’s own style.

7. Every single movie made by Anderson includes a reference to Charlie Brown.

8. To film The Darjeeling Limited, Natalie Portman had to fly to India. It was hardly worth the travel though, as she finished her work after a mere half hour on set.

9. Rabbit in The Fantastic Mr. Fox was voiced by renowned chef Mario Batali.

10. Although he went to a private high school, Anderson was expelled in 10th grade. Many of his characters are named after classmates from high school.

11. In Rushmore, Max is shown reading Diving for Sunken Treasure, a clear reference to the later movie The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

12. While filming The Royal Tenenbaums, someone kidnapped the hawk that was playing Mordecai and held him for ransom. Instead of paying up, the production team just got a new hawk.

13. The song that plays in The Life Aquatic while Steve Zissou is giving a tour of the boat is the theme from The Royal Tenenbaums, but backwards.

14. The hotel staff in Grand Budapest Hotel weren’t actors, they were actual workers from the hotels where the crew stayed.

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