Every Current Girl Scout Cookie With a Recipe Included

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Every Current Girl Scout Cookie With a Recipe Included

Every Current Girl Scout Cookie With a Recipe Included


It’s January, and I am well on my way into “cookie season”. Oh, you are too you just might not realize it. Cookie season starts on Thanksgiving and goes until the last Christmas cookie has been consumed. I like to pace myself, so I still have a few left, and I’ll be pretty sad when they go but at least I can look forward to Girl Scout Cookie season! Three new flavors have been announced for the upcoming season so I thought it would be nice to share all of the flavors with you.

Thin Mints (aka BEST COOKIE EVER!)

I find that Thin Mints are best eaten after a day in the freezer. The refreshing coolness of the mint flavor is amplified. Try these homemade thin mints next time you get a craving!


Caramel deLites (aka Samoas)

Weirdly enough, I’ve never had these, and I love caramel! Try this delicious recipe for the homemade version. If these are your favorites also try this recipe for Chocolate Coconut Caramel Pie.


Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tagalongs)

Full admittance here: I don’t like peanut butter and no I’m not allergic, I just don’t like it. But for those of you, and there are many of you who do, maybe you are more of a Tagalong person? Also, be sure to try this Tagalong dip at your next party!


Shortbread (aka Trefoils)

I love Trefoil shortbread cookies; I don’t care if they don’t have a distinctive flavor. Next time I order some I’ll be sure to make this Chocolate Shortbread Sundae.


Do-si-dos (aka Peanut Butter Sandwich)

More peanut butter, more sadness. Do-si-dos are one of the more popular Girl Scout offerings! But this White Chocolate  Snow Balls recipe sounds great and can be made with other cookie flavors!


Cranberry Citrus Crisps 

Cranberry Citrus Crisps aren’t the most popular new cookie, but can still be made in your own kitchen! And now for something entirely different! Cookies and chicken! Yes, you can apparently crust chicken with these cookies.



Lemon cookies aren’t my thing but if you are looking for a fruity dessert then look to this Lemon-Blueberry concoction.


Savannah Smiles

Lemon Coolers (now Savannah Smiles) aren’t my thing either but are a pretty popular choice! Maybe you also need a sweet snack to go? Why not make a Streusel bar from this “zesty, lemon-flavored” cookie?



You’ll be saying Thanks-A-Lot for this recipe. I’ve never had one of these but if you can make ice cream cake from them then consider me a fan. I don’t care if it’s snowing; I want ice cream cake!



**Disclaimer: The last three flavors are BRAND NEW THIS YEAR, so they don’t have recipes yet. Create your own!**


Toffee-tastic (New Flavor)

Finally, Girl Scouts of America is getting with the times and releasing GLUTEN FREE cookies. Toffee-tactics are pretty self-explanatory and could very well become my new favorite.


Trios (New Flavor)

Not only are these cookies also GLUTEN FREE but they also include three cookie essentials: chocolate chips, peanut butter (not important for me), and oats.


Rah-Rah-Raisins (New Flavor)

Yeah, I’m not really excited for this new flavor. Raisins are gross. But if you must then you must.


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