The 7 Best Walt Disney World Attractions That Never Should Have Gone Away

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The 7 Best Walt Disney World Attractions That Never Should Have Gone Away

The 7 Best Walt Disney World Attractions That Never Should Have Gone Away
Epcot - Spaceship Earth - Walt Disney World


No theme park can remain stagnant, and a big park like Walt Disney World is going to have a lot of attractions come and go in its lifetime. Some of these attractions, however, should have stuck around. Here are 7 Walt Disney World attractions that should never have left.

1. The Timekeeper – Robin Williams voicing the Timekeeper and Jeremy Irons voicing H.G. Wells are reason enough why the Timekeeper should have stuck around Tomorrowland. It was replaced by Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club, and while Laugh Floor isn’t a bad attraction, it does not fit into the Tomorrowland theme as well as the Timekeeper.

2. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter – This was an attraction built for the teens and grown-ups and is one of the scariest rides ever created in a Disney theme park. The premise is that a dangerous alien escapes and terrorizes guests before getting re-captured just in time. The atmosphere and storyline were very similar to Ridley Scott’s Alien, and many parents complained that it was too intense for Walt Disney World. Eventually, the ride was replaced with Stitch’s Great Escape.

3. Spaceship Earth – Spaceship Earth has never left Epcot, but it has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years. In its most recent overhaul, the ride replaced Jeremy Iron’s narration with Judy Dench, and while Judy Dench is a great actress, Iron’s narration is greatly missed.

4. Journey into Imagination – For children of the 80s, Figment was the face of Epcot, and his attraction Journey into Imagination was a beloved ride. In 1998, the ride underwent a complete overhaul, and the most recent version of the attraction is Journey into Imagination with Figment. Fans of the original attraction almost universally agree that it is inferior to the original Journey into Imagination.

5. Horizons – Like Journey into Imagination, Horizons is synonymous with angry Disney fanboys and girls. For one, Horizons is a classic Epcot attraction, and Disney fanboys/girls love classic Epcot attractions. Second, it grapples with technology of the future and fits in with the original mission of Epcot of entertaining and educating. Finally, the demolition of Horizons is still a massive sore spot for a lot of Disney Parks fans, and years later, they haven’t gotten over it.

6. Magic of Disney Animation – Disney animators are no longer working down in Florida at Disney Hollywood Studios as they used to be, so the Magic of Disney Animation no longer exists in its original form.

7. Adventurer’s Club – Part club and part interactive theatrical experience, the Adventurer’s Club was a completely unique experience in Walt Disney World. Downtown Disney was much poorer on the day that it officially closed.

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