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11 Need to Know Facts About Bill Murray

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11 Need to Know Facts About Bill Murray

Bill Murray is one of the most popular actors around, with an attitude that makes you think he would just be your friend if you ever met. And unlike most actors, the life of Bill Murray is almost as whimsical as the movies he’s in. Check out these need to know facts about the actor.

1. He nearly drowned once when Hunter S. Thompson tied him to a chair and then threw him in a swimming pool.

2. Murray has been arrested. He was 20 and was trying to smuggle 9 pounds of marijuana through an airport.

3. He comes from a large family. There are 8 Murray siblings, one of which is a nun who also acts in her own one-woman show about St. Catherine of Siena.

4. In 2010, Murray jumped behind a bar at SXSW and started serving drinks, although he didn’t seem to care what people ordered. He gave everyone tequila shots.

5. Instead of an agent, Murray has an 800 number where people can leave voicemails pitching him movies.

6. Murray’s part in filming Caddyshack took only 6 days and was entirely improvised.

7. Once in Stockholm he was arrested while driving a golf cart. The cops thought he was drunk, but he actually was just taking some friends to a 7-Eleven after a golf tournament.

8. He is at least partial owner of 3 minor league baseball teams.

9. There are many stories of Murray behaving oddly to fans simply because he knows no one will believe the stories, like the times he’s crashed parties, or when he stole a fry from someone at Wendy’s.

10. Despite only earning $9,000 for his role,  Murray gave $25,000 to Rushmore director Wes Anderson so that they could use a helicopter.

11. At the end of Kingpin, Murray’s character bowls three straight strikes. During filming, Murray did just that.


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