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12 Celebrities Who Used To Be Homeless

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12 Celebrities Who Used To Be Homeless


While celebrities are rich and famous, not all of them started life that way. Here are 12 celebrities who used to be homeless.

1. Jim Carrey. His mother became terminally ill, which forced him to drop out of high school to take care of his mother at age 16. His family later lived in their VW bus.


2. David Letterman. When he moved from Indiana to Los Angeles, he lived out of his 1973 Chevy pickup.


3. Halle Berry. She lived in a homeless shelter when she moved to Hollywood at age 21.

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4. Hilary Swank. When she was 13, Hilary Swank’s parents divorced, so her and her mother decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. They lived out of their car and booked acting jobs with pay phones until they got enough money to rent an apartment.


5. Sylvester Stallone. He was evicted from his apartment in New York City and was forced to sleep at the Port Authority. When at the bus terminal, he saw an ad for an audition for a softcore porn, which he earned $200.


6. Daniel Craig. When he was struggling actor, he was forced to sleep on park benches in London.


7. William Shatner. Before he landed his role on Star Trek, William Shatner lived out of his pickup truck while performing in summer stock.


8. Sam Worthington. Before getting the starring role in Avatar, Sam Worthington lived out his car, which he bought for $2,000 after he sold all of his things.


9. Jennifer Lopez. She couch surfed until she got on her feet as an actress and dancer when she was 18.


10. Jewel. Before she was famous, Jewel lived out of her car, which she also used to tour around Canada playing gigs at clubs and bars.


11. Tyler Perry. During the early 90s, Tyler Perry moved from New Orleans to Atlanta to pursue a career on the stage. After his first production flopped, he found himself living out of his car.


12. Martin Sheen. When he first moved to New York City, he slept on subways and in subway stations before landing his first acting gig.


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