19 Facts About 1989

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19 Facts About 1989

19 Facts About 1989

There are some really great years out there, and then, there’s 1989. It was the year that Taylor Swift entered the world, Daniel Radcliffe, and plenty of other pop culture icons. Then, of course, was the smashing of the Berlin wall. There were a lot of great happenings and goings-on in 1989, and we’re here to countdown the top 19.

1. Gameboy

The Nintendo Gameboy made its debut, and boy did it rock our socks off.

2. W3

The internet was born! Let the cat pictures and meme sharing commence!

3. The Simpsons

D’oh! The very first episode of the Simpsons aired in 1989.

4. Ariel and Sebastian

These two loveable characters became part of our world, with The Little Mermaid premiering on November 17, 1989.


Japan aired it’s very first broadcast of a high-definition TV program. We’re all pretty glad that it happened.

6. Stamps

Remember when stamps were only 25 cents a piece? Oh, the good old days.

7. We Were Given Lloyd Dobler

Pretty much the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends. John Cusack professing his love to us with a boombox beneath our window late at night? Swoon. Yes, please!

8. Global Positioning Satellites

The very first ‘GPS’ satellite was launched into space, forever fulfilling our ever-present navigational needs.

9. Denmark Allowed Gay Marriage

Denmark became the very first country in the entire world to recognize same-sex marriages, setting in motion the equal-rights movement as we know it today.

10. Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama made headlines by winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent campaign spanning the course of 40 years in order to end China’s domination of his homeland of Tibet.

11. A Good Day For Gamers

Sega was at the forefront of the gaming industry when the released the Sega Genesis gaming system on August 24, 1989.

12. The World Lost A Great Artist

On January 23, 1989, the world mourned the loss of the great artist Salvador Dali.

13. Down To Clown

In 1989, Insane Clown Posse formed, forever changing the faces of hip hop.

14. Losing A Friend

When comedienne and Saturday Night Live alum Gilda Radner passed away in 1989, the world mourned and felt as though they were losing more than just a funny lady, they felt like they had lost a friend.

15. Man Vs. Tank

The brutal Chinese government cracked down on protesters in Tiananmen Square on that fateful day in June 1989.

16. Exxon-Valdez

240,000 barrels of oil were spilled in Alaska’s Prince William Sound as the ship hit a reef, causing a massive oil spill, killing over 21,000 fish and sickening thousands of birds.

17. Seinfeld
The world of comedy was forever changed when the very first episode of Seinfeld aired on July 5, 1989.

18. Bismarck Located

On June 13, the wreck of the Bismarck, a battleship sunk in 1941, was finally located 600 miles west of Brest, France.

19. Batman

The Tim Burton directed Batman movie starring Michael Keaton premiered on June 23.

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