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23 Pieces of Sweet Lingo From the 1940s

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23 Pieces of Sweet Lingo From the 1940s

The ’40s were an amazing time in American history. The country became embroiled in World War II, films released included It’s a Wonderful Life, Ernest Hemingway published For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. The vibrant decade was host to plenty of fun slang words — some of which are still in use today, while others have fallen by the wayside.

As you know Phactual has an obsession with old fashioned words.   Here’s a few great ones from the 1940s:


ameche: to make a phone call
armored heifer: canned milk
blivet: unmanageable situation

Real Chicago 1940's
book: arrest
bupkis: nothing
cook with gas: to do something right
dad-blamed: used instead of damned
dog: to follow or track

Ducky Shincracker: good dancer
fat head: moron
G-Man: government agent, specifically FBI
gorilla: bodyguard
hen fruit: eggs

are you rationed?: are you spoken for?
killer diller: the best, amazing
lettuce: paper money
meatball: a sucker
megillah: the whole story
paw: hand

sauced: intoxicated
share crop: promiscuous woman
swigger: a drinker
wolf: man with romantic intentions

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