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8 Movies That Promised Sequels That Never Happened

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8 Movies That Promised Sequels That Never Happened


While many movies get sequels, sometimes movies are set up for sequel that were never made for one reason or another. Here are 8 examples.

1. Masters of the Universe. The movie ends with one of the first post-credits sequences ever and it teased that Skeletor was still alive. He even said “I will be back!,” but he never did. More than 25 years later and we’re still waiting for the sequel.

2. Airplane II: The Sequel. Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and David Zucker didn’t want to make a sequel, so Airplane II: The Sequel was made without their input or consent. Instead, Ken Finkleman made the film and promised Airplane III at the end of the sequel, but it didn’t happen.

3. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Movie studio Orion Pictures positioned Remo Williams as the American James Bond, but no one saw the first movie. Plans were scrapped and the movie studio issued a press release. “Orion has been blunt about its intentions for Remo. The studio, run by the same people who launched James Bond at United Artists, set out to create a red, white and blue-collar Bond, a new American hero who might be trotted out every other year or so to deliver some predictable box-office punch.”

4. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. At the end of the movie, it firmly announces that the next movie in the series will be called Buckaroo Banzai Against The World Crime League. The only problem was that no one watch the first film, so filmmakers didn’t bother making the sequel.

5. Dick Tracy. Disney wanted Dick Tracy to be the next Batman. The movie studio put a lot into marketing with the hopes of a big summer blockbuster. Sadly, the movie was a disappointing and a sequel was never made.

6. Making the Grade. At the end of Making The Grade from 1984, there was a title card that read, “Palmer and Eddie will be back in Tourista, Coming soon.” However, the movie wasn’t made because Making The Grade was a box office bomb.


7. Black Knight. The movie ends with a big set up for the next film suggesting that Martin Lawrence would return in Black Gladiator. He was looking to set up another big film franchise like Big Mama’s House, but audiences were fed up with Martin Lawrence’s antics at this time.

8. History of the World: Part I. While it’s believed that Mel Brooks was merely joking when he teased History of the World: Part II at the end of History of the World: Part I, but audiences wanted to see short segments like Hitler on Ice and Jews In Space. The closest to Jews In Space we got from Mel Brooks was, of course, Spaceballs, which also teased a sequel that was never made, Spaceball II: The Search For More Money.

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