From Mama’s Boy To Captain America: 10 Chris Evans Facts

In celebration of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron release, it’s worth catching up with Chris Evans. The current Captain America has shown his sensitive, humorous side in many interviews. He’s also too candid for his own good. Here are some facts about the man otherwise known as Cap:

1. Evans Needed Therapy To Cope With Marvel Fame: Evans notoriously resisted the Captain America role until Robert Downey Jr. talked him into considering the deal. Once Evans accepted a 6-picture Marvel contract, he immediately hopped into intense therapy. He told the New York Times about his difficulties in feeling “fake” and “transparent” when promoting films. He even had a “full meltdown” a few years earlier while promoting Fantastic Four.

2. Evans Got Dumped At High School Prom: This poor guy was ditched at prom when his date decided to go AWOL: “I was 18 and in love. We danced all night, then she got back together with her ex.”

3. Evans Likes Big Butts (And Cannot Lie): During an interview with Playboy, Evans revealed that he’s very picky when choosing a girlfriend. He likes girls who sport sweatpants and wet ponytails and those who are “self-deprecating” and can “make fun of themselves.” But overall, “I like a good a**, though. I will say that. It’s Playboy, right? I can say that? I like a big a**.”

4. Evans’ Fans Call Him “Dorito”: A group of rabid fans noticed that the Captain America suit causes Evans’ upper body to resemble a certain tasty snack, the almighty Dorito. I promise you’ll never unsee this — click to see the photo.

5. Evans Uses His Powers For Good: Not only did Evans help Betty White onstage at the People’s Choice Awards, but he also melted hearts in another way. After a Super Bowl bet with Chris Pratt, Evans suited up as Captain America to visit Seattle Children’s Hospital.


6; Evans & Scarlett Johansson Are Chronic Co-Stars: These two have co-starred together in six films, including The Perfect Score (2004), The Nanny Diaries (2007), The Avengers (2012), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and the soon-to-shoot Captain America: Civil War (2016).

7. Evans Doesn’t Like Most Of His Movies: Before he struck it really big with Marvel, Evans admitted being “surprised” whenever his movies are successful. At that point in his career, his ratio of cinematic “stinkers” was quite high: “At this point I’ve made a lot of films. I’ve made about 20 movies and I’m probably proud of three. It’s not easy making a good movie.”

8. Evans Tells His Mother Everything: Chris has made no secret of being a mama’s boy, but he may take things a bit too far at times. Evans told Details, “The first time I had sex, I raced home and was like, ‘Mom, I just had sex!”

9. Evans Is A Die-Hard Bostonian: He was born in Boston and raised in nearby Sudbury, Massachusetts. Evans has said that he hopes to one day cut back on his Hollywood career to raise a family in Boston.

10. Evans Still Doesn’t Know If He Wants To Be A Movie Star: During an interview with Collider, Evans confessed frustration with his own insecurities. He lamented, “I’m such a little bitch. I don’t know what my issue is. I really am. I’m such a f***ing whiny bitch, man.” After over a decade of acting, he still can’t decide if he wants to be a rich and famous actor. Too late, man.