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The Best Facts About Parks and Recreation

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The Best Facts About Parks and Recreation

One of TV’s most beloved shows, Parks and Recreation, aired its final episode last month. Although it may be over, we’ll never forget it, and in the spirit of Leslie Knope, here are a few more reasons to love Pawnee and its inhabitants.

1. Executive producers originally wanted Andy Dwyer to end the show as mayor. He was such a lovable character they thought that he would easily make everyone love him.

2. Chris Pratt (Andy) says that his favorite part of Parks and Recreation was when his character lived in a dirt pit. “I love living in the pit,” he said. “That was awesome. Living in the pit was amazing and having dirt fights and rock fights with bums.”

3. Tom Haverford is full of entrepreneurial spirit, and not just his character. Aziz Ansari, who plays Tom, attended business school before he took the role.

4. Another actor with many ties to his character is Nick Offerman. The legendary Ron Swanson is both an accomplished jazz saxophonist and an impressive carpenter, both skills that Offerman has as well.

5. Although Pawnee is a fake place, it is based on a real town: Christchurch, New Zealand.

6. Amy Poehler, one of the driving forces behind the show, has a pet name for Rob Lowe, the actor who plays Chris Traeger: “RoLo”.

7. The show went through a few names before they hit on the iconic Parks and Recreation. It started as Untitled Amy Poehler Sitcom, before NBC started tossing around Public Service. They decided against it because they didn’t want to make fun of public service.

8. Aubrey Plaza didn’t ever come in to audition for a role. Casting director Allison Jones met her and told showrunner Michael Schur that he had to meet her. After spending an hour chatting, he knew she had to be on the show and wrote the role of April for her.

9. Michael Schur didn’t just get Aubrey Plaza into the show, he also snuck in a little David Foster Wallace. The showrunner is a big fan of the author and actually owns the film rights to the novel Infinite Jest. To show his love, he put tons of references to the book in the episode “Partridge“.

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